65" Advanced Smart Weatherproof Outdoor TV (Deck Pro QLED Series)
  • With advanced QLED display, the Deck Pro 4K QLED has more color saturation than any conventional LED TVs
  • Certified with IP55 waterproof rating for extreme weather conditions, made from scratch-resistant aluminum metal, withstand temperatures ranging from -22° to 122°F (-30° to 50°C), 99% Dustproof
  • Built-in high-volume dual speakers
  • Alexa built-in, screencasting, voice control, air mouse, an Android TV system
  • Support downloading App
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    • 65TV+TV+TV Wall Mount+Sound Bar


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  • Should you invest in an outdoor TV? YES is the answer!
    Some people think an indoor TV functions the same as an outdoor TV, the truth is they are not the same. In many cases, people who take their indoor TV to outdoor spaces end up experiencing breakages.
    Here are interesting facts about Outdoor TVs

    • Outdoor TVs are engineered to TVs to handle the elements in ways indoor models can’t.
    • Outdoor TVs built for outdoor use are weather-resistant all year round
    • Unlike indoor TV screens, outdoor TV screens offer excellent contrast and brightness.
    • They have wireless connectivity that allows you to stream your favorite content without any cable connection.
    • Outdoor TVs are perfect when you are trying to create a social experience you gather with friends and family.

    </p >


    Introducing Deck Pro QLED, a 4K QLED Smart TV that offers to stream, 700 nits of brightness, an IP55 waterproof rating, anti-scratching, Alexa built-in, screencasting, voice control, air mouse, an Android TV system, and more.

    Whether you're hosting a birthday party, watching an NFL game, or just creating the cozy outdoor vibe you want, Deck Pro QLED can make an occasion a truly special experience. Here are the reasons why you'll fall in love with Deck Pro QLED.

    Watching your favorite shows or movies outdoors has always seemed out of reach, but not anymore. Deck Pro's brightness can be increased up to 700 nits, which makes it roughly three times brighter than conventional home TVs. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite shows, sporting events, and movies in crystal clear definition anytime during the day right in your backyard!


    With our advanced QLED display technology, the Deck Pro QLED has more color saturation than any conventional LED TVs on the market, all while providing sRGB-wide color gamut coverage to enhance the contrast ratio.

    Now you can get the same crisp, color-rich image even when watching it almost sideways.

    That’s right. The wall mount can be swiveled +/- 45º to adjust the viewing angle and you can tilt the TV forward 8º and backward 5º. The flexible six articulating dual arms extend up to 19.6 inches (500mm) and retract back to 1.9 inches (49mm). Enjoy the view you want from any angle.

    The Deck Pro QLED is certified with IP55 for extreme weather conditions. Want more? The exterior body of Deck Pro QLED is made from scratch-resistant aluminum metal and designed to maintain a brand-new look even after long durations of outdoor use.

    All internal and external components are built with 100% protection from corrosion, and prevent issues commonly caused by moisture, dust, and oxidation.

    The advanced heat dissipation system can withstand temperatures ranging from -22° to 122°F (-30° to 50°C). Additionally, the internal motherboard is equipped with an independent cooling system. We even use low-power lamp tubes that produce minimal heat to make sure your Deck Pro will never become overheated.

    Deck Pro QLED also delivers better environmental adaptability and longer service life with much greater brightness and visual stability compared to OLED.

    Built-in high-volume dual speakers and increased dynamic output capabilities ensure more impactful bass you can hear and even feel when using. Deck Pro QLED was built to not only visually impress users, but to pressurize your space with palpable acoustic energy.


    Take a look at how to get better audio quality from your TV with this Sylvox waterproof soundbar.


    This is an outdoor theater right in your backyard. In addition to the Deck Pro QLED's built-in dual speakers, you can also get our proprietary sound bar with two angled full-range drivers which deliver a more realistic, spatial audio experience.

    Apps are the furture of TV.

    Different from conventional outdoor TVs, Deck Pro QLED has its own App store. You can install Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AccuWeather, Mirroacast RX, Vudu, and more. It is a one-stop solution for whatever you like to watch.

    Deck Pro QLED has Alexa built-in, which allows you to speak directly with smart devices through its remote control (or directly to the TV). Now you can fulfill your everyday home needs easily. Deck Pro QLED truly thought of everything.

    Thinking about Deck Pro QLED for your business? It's 55-inch high-brightness display shows real-time information for your next meeting, your restaurant’s menu, whatever you need to show customers to keep them entertained and informed with high-quality images and reduced glare.

    Tired of searching for content with a remote control? Navigate the built-in OS with ease by speaking directly into your remote. Let Deck Pro QLED do the work.

    You can share pictures, videos, and music to Deck Pro QLED via your smartphone with our direct screencasting feature. All you have to do is touch the screen projection button on your smartphone control panel and enjoy convenient compatibility between devices.

    With an output hub and 12 ports, Deck Pro QLED allows you to play content from countless devices. Deck Pro QLED was designed to provide maximum efficiency and satisfaction. We want to provide more options for you to connect all of your favorite gadgets with your TV.

    Thanks to the steady performance of the QLED panel, Deck Pro QLED can run up to 50,000 hours without any burn-in problems or risks of screen light leakage.


    With Deck Pro QLED, we are expanding our mission with a focus on unlimited access to intelligent outdoor life while bringing future life to the present. Our international team is excited and ready to meet this challenge.


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